GOP Rep. Steube: Biden Bashing Israel, Boosting Hamas with ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Is Emboldening China

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) stated that China has been emboldened by President Joe Biden “leaving our ally Israel and sending money to Hamas through humanitarian aid.” He also argued that the botched handling of Afghanistan by the President and “what’s happening in Ukraine” are emboldening China.

Steube said, “We’ve been wargaming China invading Taiwan for years. It’s been something that the Chinese Communist Party obviously believes that Taiwan belongs to them. The Taiwan leaders will tell you, the threats, there [have] been over like 500 — or 5,000 different military sorties from the Chinese Communist Party into Taiwanese airspace just in the last couple of years. Again, they see the weakness in our White House. They saw what this President did in Afghanistan. They see what’s happening in Ukraine. They see that we’re leaving our ally Israel and sending money to Hamas through humanitarian aid. They see all of this. So, they’re looking at an opportunity to invade Taiwan. They’ve openly talked about Taiwan belong[ing] to them. And if you talk to a Taiwanese leader, and with all of these different military sorties into the airspace, they’re very, very concerned.”

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