Trump: Biden Is ‘Worst President in the History of Our Country’

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday on “The Mark Levin Show” that President Joe Biden has been American history’s “worst” commander-in-chief.

Levin said, “Well, Mr. President, you have millions and millions of people here who are watching this, who are fed up with what’s taking place. They know this war on you is a war on them and a war on this country.”

Trump said, “I always reel when they say we have two unpopular candidates, Biden and Trump. Well, I’m at 95% approval in the Republican Party.”

He added, “He is really unpopular. It’s such an embarrassment for our country. He is the worst president in the history of our country. And Jimmy Carter is brilliant. His administration, by comparison, was brilliant. I know you weren’t a big fan and you say the same thing, but he is.”

Trump said, “You wouldn’t have had Oct. 7, which is a big love for you, that whole Israel thing that you love so much, right? You love Israel, and I understand that, and I do, too. Look, I’ve been the best president ever for Israel.”

Levin said, “Yes, you have.”

Trump said, “And in Israel, they do love me.

Levin said, “Yes, they do.”

Trump added, “I just don’t understand how a Democrat can vote for a guy like crooked Joe Biden. I don’t understand. If you’re a Democrat and you happen to be Israeli or any person. If you happen to be Israeli or love Israel or be Jewish. How can you vote for this guy?”

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