Trump to Levin: ‘We Can Have it Again’

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday on “The Mark Levin Show” that America was “humming” during his administration, and voters can have that again.

Levin asked, “What do you want to tell hard-working Americans some of who usually vote Democrats, union, non-union, you know blue collar workers I’ve been calling you the blue collar billionaire  What do you want to tell them  Why should they vote for you other than Biden who claims to be the greatest union president in American history.”

Trump said, “I want to make American great again it is very simple  We had it going so good  It was so good  The reason I’m leading by so much now Mark is people remember what we had four or five years ago — they remember  We can have it again.”

He continued, “We had the best employment numbers ever  There has never been numbers like that  We had the best economy ever  We re-built our military  I got the largest tax in history the largest regulation cuts in history  This place was humming.”

Trump added, “There has never been a country so strong and so good as us.”

He concluded, “Success will bring this country together and we are going to have great success.”

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