Sen. Booker: Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Love America’

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Inside” that former President Donald Trump did not love America.

Host Jen Psaki said, “I’m sure you are aware of the controversy that broke out over some comments that Trump made about Milwaukee, which is hosting the Republican convention coming up later this summer. He reportedly called Milwaukee a horrible city. He called Washington a filthy and crime-ridden embarrassment. He has called Chicago worse than Afghanistan. He once called Baltimore a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess. These are America’s cities. what do you make of his comments, and what is driving it?”

Booker said, “This is the spirit of the man. This is a person who doesn’t love America. He demeans and degrades some of our most precious and beloved places. He demeans and degrades the people that live there, the people that dedicate themselves to teaching in our schools, firefighters, the police officers, the civic engineers.”

He added, “There are cities all over America that are standing up, businesses moving back to city centers. Really exciting stories of promise. We don’t need a president that punches down, that beats up, that puts us against each other and degrades people and places. It is just disheartening to see one of our major political parties elevating someone who doesn’t celebrate America. The rhetoric of Ronald Reagan, of George Bush Senior. I mean, they were about celebrating this country, lifting this country up and seeing it for what it is.”

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