Carville: I Would Bet Trump Is a ‘No-Show’ for the Debate

MSNBC Screenshot

Democratic strategist James Carville said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that he does not believe former President Donald Trump will attend the presidential debate scheduled for June 27 on CNN.

Host Ari Melber said, “When you look at these debates, this is next week, so people who don’t follow as closely as news viewers, they’re going to realize, here’s the debate. I wanted to mention for folks, the new rule, next week, it will be different. No opening statements, two minutes to answer each questions, red lights visible when time expires. In a big win for the Biden campaign given Trump is a rule breaker, the other candidate who’s not speaking will be muted when it’s not their turn.”

Carville said, “Well, if I was a gambler – and actually, I am a gambler – I’d take even money that Trump doesn’t show up.”

Melber said, “Ha. You don’t think Trump’s coming next week?”

Carville said, “I mean, I don’t know, but I think he’s gonna wake up and decide. Just like he said he was gonna testify at his defense in his trial. He didn’t even put on a defense. Let him show up. I wouldn’t be shocked, but I certainly would not be surprised if you gave me even money, I’d say he’s a no-show.”

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