Accused Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Pleads Guilty to Criminal Mischief

Latest Blue Bell licker D'Adrien Anderson
Facebook/D'Adrien Anderson

A man pleaded guilty Wednesday after he was arrested for allegedly licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream at a Walmart in Port Arthur, Texas, in August.

Twenty-four-year-old D’ Adrien Anderson went before a judge this week in Jefferson County to plead guilty of criminal mischief and asked for probation, according to News 4 San Antonio.

The viral Facebook video posted in August showed Anderson as he allegedly opened the ice cream carton, licked it, then stuck his fingers inside it. Before he closed the carton, he licked the ice cream one more time, then placed it back inside the freezer.

However, surveillance footage later showed the suspect going back for the carton and paying for it at the counter.

“Despite this, Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham filed misdemeanor criminal mischief charges after the Walmart store was forced to re-stock their ice cream shelves in case of other contamination,” according to Breitbart News.

Wortham said the alleged prank caused the store to lose money.

“This guy loves publicity even if it’s for the wrong reason. That can lead to bigger and worse things. If we’re going to save this guy, we have to do it with this case or he’s over the hill.”

The video, titled “Happy national soft ice cream day lmao #viral,” has more than 1,000 comments and 2,000 shares.

Now, Anderson faces up to one year in jail and may be forced to pay a maximum of $4,000 for his alleged actions, Fox News reported.

Prior to his arrest, Anderson posted another video to his Facebook page which showed him lying on a pool table next to a carton of Blue Bell ice cream with his hands over his face.

“I love your ice cream #bluebell plz don’t ban me from buying it #im#sorry,” the caption read.

Following his release from jail, reporters asked Anderson if he regretted the alleged prank.

“Yeah, of course I do,” he responded.


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