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False Listeria Impressions Hurt Blue Bell

Although no listeria has been found in Blue Bell products, false impressions about the bacteria at Blue Bell has hurt the little creamery based in Brenham, Texas. Headlines have added to the damage done – “Listeria Found Again at Blue Bell

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Workers Report Big Problems With Blue Bell Ice Cream Production

Millions of Texans who have missed the “National Ice Cream of Texas” were standing in line at the store when it was returned to the freezer in the last couple of weeks. While Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream returns to grocery stores across their 27 state distribution area over the next few months, the Houston Chronicle’s Mark Collette has been finding out why they company shut down and recalled their entire product line this spring.

Blue Bell Headquarters Brenham

Governor Gets His Blue Bell Ice Cream: ‘Texans Can Rejoice Today’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott cheered, “Texans can rejoice today.” That was the cry at the state capitol early Monday afternoon when a clean and shiny Blue Bell delivery truck arrived at the south steps. The delivery drivers brought in gallons and gallons of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate.


Blue Bell Back on Shelves August 31st

The countdown to Blue Bell Ice Cream has begun. Blue Bell Creameries announced on Monday, a 5-phase plan to put its ice cream back on store shelves beginning on Monday, August 31. Phase 1 brings Blue Bell home to its roots.

Blue Bell Returns

Blue Bell Hits the Road with Ice Cream Filled Trucks

On Tuesday, Blue Bell hits the road with trucks filled with ice cream. Blue Bell Ice Cream is packed in freezer trucks and drivers have hit the road with what many describe as “the best ice cream in the country!” The announcement from Blue Bell comes after a nearly four month hiatus on producing and shipping ice cream after the listeria bacteria was found at multiple locations.

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Blue Bell Cleared for Take-Off!

Blue Bell Ice Cream has received the green light from Alabama health officials to begin production and sales of what Blue Bell refers to as “the best ice cream in the country.” The Alabama Department of Public Health place “no restrictions” on the company for its plant located in Sylacauga, Alabama.

Blue Bell Headquarters Brenham

BLUE BELL ICE CREAM: Coming Soon to a Freezer Near You

The machines started humming this week, the mixers were running, and the freezers were chilling. They started making ice cream. Not just ice cream, but Blue Bell Ice Cream — “The Best Ice Cream in the Country.” The production crew was making sure they followed all the new procedures for getting cleaned up and the equipment spic & span. In the Blue Bell plant in Sylacauga Alabama, everyone was smiling.

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream Expands Recall to ‘All of Its Products’

Blue Bell Creameries has issued yet another recall. This time, the recall has been expanded to include off of its products manufactured in all of its facilities. The voluntary recall comes after expanded testing of its product line. The new tests revealed the Listeria bacteria in one of its half-gallon containers of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.


Blue Bell Shuts Down Oklahoma Operations After CDC Warning

Bluebell Creameries shut down its Broken Arrow operations after continuing problems relating to the listeria bacteria. The move from the 108-year-old Texas ice cream maker comes after products that are produced in the Oklahoma facility tested positive for the potentially deadly bacteria. The warning from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Friday night advised consumers against eating “Any Blue Bell Creameries product manufactured in the company’s Oklahoma facility.”

Blue Bell 3 oz. Chocolate IC Cup

Blue Bell Creameries Issues 2nd Institutional Product Recall

For the second time in as many weeks, Blue Bell Creameries has issued a product recall for additional single-serving products. The products recalled are the single-serving cups (3 FL. Oz.) of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. These cups are sold to the education and other institutional markets and are not sold in retail outlets.

Blue Bell 3 oz. Chocolate IC Cup

Blue Bell Ice Cream has First Ever Recall After Three Kansans Die

The Texas ice cream icon, Blue Bell Ice Cream, has issued its first ever recall after three people in Kansas died from illness linked back to some of its products. No one in Texas has been affected by illness at this point. Five people in total have been diagnosed with contracting the listeriosis bacteria. Only the products shown in the photo above have potentially been exposed and recalled.