Maryland Man Arrested at Polling Place, Accused of Refusing to Wear Mask

Harford County Sheriff's Office

A Maryland man was arrested at his polling place Monday for trespassing after being accused of refusing to wear a mask and following directions while at the voting center.

Daniel Swain, 52, was one of two men who had the police called on them for refusing to follow the rules at the polling place where they showed up to cast their ballot, WTVD reported.

Poll workers called deputies with the Harford County Sheriff’s Office on the first day of early voting after two men refused to wear a mask or vote in a designated location for people who did not have masks.

“The state and county boards of elections have been very careful about trying to keep people protected. You know, the pandemic is, is spiking out of control at this point in states across America,” Gov. Larry Hogan said.

WJZ reported that deputies spent 30 minutes trying to resolve the situation before the deputies told the men they needed to leave.

One of the men left, but Swain refused. Deputies then arrested Swain for trespassing.

Swain was taken to jail, processed, and released on his own recognizance. The sheriff’s office said Swain is not banned from the location and can return to the polling place to cast his ballot.

He is due back in court for trial on December 4.


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