WATCH: Chipotle Worker Hurls Scissors at Customer

Chipotle worker hurls scissors at customer.
Facebook/Antony Evans

A tense scene unfolded recently at a Baltimore Chipotle where a confrontation over a delayed order ended with an employee throwing scissors at a customer.

“The worker faces aggravated assault charges and as of late Wednesday, the customer still waiting for an apology from Chipotle. It happened Tuesday at the Chipotle on Charles Street in Mount Vernon,” Fox 45 reported.

Antony Evans arrived to pick up his meal and claimed things escalated once he complained about the delay. He ordered the food online but after getting to the restaurant he said he was forced to wait another 30 minutes.

“Normally, it’s like, let me get my food and leave, but this time I just stood my ground. I was like, no,” Evans commented.

In video footage of the incident, he was seen confronting a woman who identified herself as the manager and the two exchanged words.

“You can call whoever you want to, bitch,” the woman said, then threw what appeared to be a pair of scissors at the man behind the camera.

“Now I’m calling the police. That’s exactly who the fuck I’m calling now. Now I’m calling the police,” he stated.

“We’re gonna wait for the police to get here. She just assaulted me,” he told another worker standing nearby:

Don't complain about your order if you go to the Chipotle on North Charles. I waited for my order 20 minutes in an empty restaurant. When I ask for it the second time, she started clapping her hands in my face, and hit me with scissors. #Chipotle #KilledMyVibe #karen #crazykaren #chipotlemexicangrill

Posted by Antony L. Evans on Tuesday, August 10, 2021

According to police, the scissors struck Evans in the shoulder but he was not seriously injured.

Journalist Keith Daniels shared the clip on Friday and said, “Still no word from @ChipotleTweets”:

Evans told the outlet he was stunned regarding what took place but also described the incident as typical for Baltimore.

“Most of the inner city restaurants, if you go in there and you have a problem with your order, it’s better just to go ahead and humbly accept it unless something serious because they don’t want to hear it,” Evans noted. “It seems like they’re more belligerent, more animosity, more negativity, less amenable and less toward customer service.”


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