Critics Fume as Soros-backed DA George Gascón Considers Prosecuting 26-year-old as Juvenile

George Gascon (Jesse Grant / Getty for Patrisse Cullors)
Jesse Grant / Getty for Patrisse Cullors

Critics are furious that Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is considering prosecuting a 26-year-old transgender woman for assaulting a 10-year-old girl in 2014 as a juvenile because the accused was just short of 18 at the time.

Hannah Tubbs, who is biologically male, has pleaded guilty to choking the girl in a bathroom stall, shoving her hands into the girl’s pants and sexually assaulting her.

Tubbs was only linked to the crime in 2019 through a DNA match. The crime was so notorious at the time that the L.A. County Board of Supervisors issued a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest,” the Los Angeles Times notes.

But now Gascón may seek a lenient sentence because of his blanket policy of not trying “juveniles” as adults. Tubbs may only receive probation, or could even be sentenced to a brief stay at a juvenile detention center.

The Times notes:

Prosecutors filed charges against Tubbs in early 2020, shortly after Gascón took office. The reform-minded prosecutor has flatly refused to try juveniles as adults, citing scientific studies showing that adolescent brain development isn’t complete until age 25 and asserting young offenders can still be rehabilitated in juvenile custody, while they would only be hardened in adult prisons.

But Tubbs’ criminal record extends beyond the Denny’s attack and into her adult life.

A final determination on Tubbs’ case was supposed to be made earlier this month, but hearings have been delayed because the defendant is in quarantine due to a COVID-19 exposure, Ruiz said. In the interim, proponents of a renewed effort to recall Gascón from office and area politicians have seized on the case as evidence that the district attorney’s policies are harmful.

Gascon enjoyed the backing of left-wing billionaire philanthropist George Soros in 2020, one of several left-wing prosecutors Soros has backed. He promised to “immediately stop prosecuting children as adults.”

The Tubbs case, Fox News notes, has given Gascón’s critics new fodder. Earlier this month, the city council of Beverly Hills voted unanimously to back efforts to have him recalled by the voters.

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