Police: Human Remains Found Inside 2 Suitcases in New York City Apartment

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Chopped-up human remains were found inside two suitcases at a Brooklyn apartment on Wednesday, which investigators believe belong to a 22-year-old woman, according to police.

The gruesome discovery occurred around 1:30 a.m. at 315 Lindwood Street in the Cypress Hills neighborhood after residents within the apartment complex reported a foul smell coming from the woman’s sixth-floor apartment, ABC 7 noted.

Residents also noted the unidentified woman had not been seen for days, prompting a security guard to perform a wellness check on her suite.

The guard was stopped before he entered her door by the woman’s boyfriend, who was noted to have left the complex with a suspicious bag of evidence.

After the security guard called the police, he checked on the apartment again and found the two suitcases with the remains.

A meat cleaver was also discovered inside the apartment.

According to neighbors, the woman had been abused by her boyfriend for years.

“The guy, he’s been abusing her for a long time. When she moved in – he’s not on her lease or nothing like that,” one neighbor told CBS New York. “If she’s looking at a guy, she’s by anybody, he’ll just, like, smack her.”

The woman had placed a restraining order against him, which he was known to violate repeatedly.

He is now the subject of a manhunt, the New York Post reported.

Other residents were horrified by the grisly discovery in the complex but noted that the neighborhood was not the safest place.

“This neighborhood is not the best neighborhood, to be honest with you, but this is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous,” neighbor Lindsey Vena told ABC 7. “It makes me scared to even be around here. I’m just sick.”

Police say they are still investigating the discovery and that a medical examiner will determine how the individual died and if the remains belong to the 22-year-old woman.

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