Study: Almost Half of M2F Transgender Inmates in Canada Were Convicted of Sex Crimes

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Nine-in-ten men who identify as women in Canadian prisons are violent offenders and nearly half of them were convicted of a sex crime, a recent study found.

The study, which was conducted by the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), surveyed 99 different “gender diverse” inmates between 2017 and 2020 in an “examination of gender diverse offenders.”

It found that of the 61 male offenders who identified as women or as something other than male, 46 percent had committed a sex crime, while a whopping 92 percent had committed a violent crime. Meanwhile, zero percent of the women who identify as men had been convicted of a sex crime.



Among males who identify as males, only 25.8 percent were serving time for violent offenses like homicide, attempted murder, and aggravated assault, among others according to the CSC’s annual report.

The researchers also stated that a full 62.7 percent of male inmates who did not identify as male had a low integration potential while 39.3 percent required maximum security and 74.6 percent had “high static risk,” which measures the likelihood that a convicted criminal will reoffend. 

Perhaps most shockingly, over half of the convicted criminals’ victims, 58 percent, were children. In addition, 55 percent of the victims were female. Of the sex crime offenders, 85 percent committed an offense that caused death or serious harm to their victim. A third of offenders had more than one victim.

Meanwhile, the senior media relations advisor for the Correctional Service Canada Marie Pier Lécuyer gave a statement to the Daily Wire, explaining that “of the 33 gender diverse offenders identified with a sex offense history, 84.9% (28) were male and 15.1% (5) were female at the time of the study.”

Nearly half, 47 percent of the offenders who were surveyed were Indigenous despite being just 5 percent of the Canadian population. 

In addition, the report also found that only roughly 16 percent of the males who identified as transgender or “gender diverse” applied to be transferred to a women’s prison. A significant majority, a full 62 percent, of those who requested the transfer were accommodated, while 19 percent were denied and another 19 percent were still pending at the time of the study. 

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