WATCH: University of Chicago Student Grabs Gun from Would-Be Robber

Worried young woman being followed
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A Chicago woman bravely defended herself from a suspected thief on Wednesday by grabbing his gun after three other people were robbed near her university’s campus just minutes apart.

Madelyn, or “Maddi,” 21, was walking home from her classes at the University of Chicago near 56th Street and South University just before 3:00 p.m. when an armed, masked man snatched her phone in a shocking incident caught on surveillance footage.

“I was just walking home from class and I see a man in a mask approach me,” Maddi told ABC7. “And he kind of comes towards me and I think to myself, ‘just keep walking,’ but then we have an altercation.”

The video shows Maddi tussling with the attacker before she was able to grab ahold of his gun, pull out the magazine, and toss it into a bush:

Meanwhile, a male bystander was seated on the ground just feet away, watching the man assault Maddi. 

After Maddi threw the magazine, the suspect began moving towards her again, but she was able to run away. 

The masked robber then appeared to search for the magazine before hopping into a dark-colored vehicle that was parked nearby, the local station reported.

“I think fight definitely kicked in, but I’m in no way advocating of resisting armed robbery. I think it was really not the right decision looking back on it,” Maddi said. She’s just grateful that she wasn’t hurt.

She also clarified that she doesn’t blame the campus or the bystander and noted that the police did a “great job.”

“I think it’s just finding the people who did this attack, because they will do it again,” the student added, saying she usually feels safe while walking through the campus. 

A similar incident occurred just ten minutes before Maddi was accosted. Four armed suspects ran up to two students who were walking in the 5600 block of South University and demanded their belongings, the Chicago Police Department said.

A man bikes past a Chicago Police officer monitoring North Avenue Beach area in Chicago, Illinois (KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images).

“Those suspects then got into a black Infiniti car and drove off,” according to ABC7.

Then, just five minutes later, two armed suspects robbed another student in the 1300 block of East 56th Street. They escaped in a four-door black vehicle. 

Thankfully, none of those students were physically injured. 

University of Chicago Police made a statement following the string of robberies, instructing students to “be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not resist an armed robbery unless absolutely necessary.”

“Avoid using cell phones or other electronic devices while on the street. When walking, try to walk with a group or have a friend walk with you. There is safety in numbers,” the statement said. 

As of Friday, no arrests have been announced in relation to the robberies.


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