Police: Trans Student who Bashed Teen Girl on His ‘Hit List’ with Metal Tumbler Also Attacked Officers in Court

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A transgender student, who is accused of beating a fellow student, attacked police officers during his hearing.

The transgender student — a biological male who believes he is a female — allegedly beat a young girl with a Stanley cup at Pennbrook Middle School in Pennsylvania and had more on his so-called “hit list.”

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Upper Gwynedd Police Chief David Duffy told the Washington Examiner this week that the judge “ordered that the juvenile be detained at the Youth Center,” and when the suspect heard this, he “grabbed a nearby water jug, swung it at sheriff’s deputies, and resisted being handcuffed.”

The latest act of violence from the transgender juvenile follows reports of a brutal attack of a fellow student in the school’s cafeteria. A young girl who believed she was second on the “hit list” said she warned teachers at the school hours before the attack, and they did not listen to her.

“Wednesday morning, I went to the guidance counselor and told her since I was second on the hit list, knowing that there was something going to happen because there was a girl she was targeting every day at lunch,” the girl said.

“And they would go to the counselor and tell them every day that this is going to happen. And Wednesday, I went with two others, and each of us had a whole paper full of what’s going to happen and why it’s going to happen. … I was told, watch your back. He is going to come for you and this other girl at lunch,” she said, explaining that she was “terrified” at lunch and told an adult at the school who told her, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not going to happen.”

She said she was also told she would not see the individual in question for the rest of the week. But during lunch, she heard screaming and saw the classmate she warned about “running in after somebody.”

“And everyone’s screaming and running, but the girl who got attacked didn’t see it because she was faced backwards and all of a sudden you just hear these terrible, loud bangs with the Stanley bouncing off her head,” she said.

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She said the attacker grabbed the girl’s hair and hit her against the table and repeatedly struck her with the Stanley cup.

“There was blood going everywhere. I was [at] the table right behind and all you see is blood everywhere,” she said. “You say in your email that it was eight minutes but we timed it. It was 28 minutes.”

“And we had to sit in there and watch them clean up her blood off those tables and ground and we had watched them take her out with blood dripping down her face and I will never forget that,” she said, becoming more audibly emotional recounting the horror.

She said she laid in bed repeating what happened in her heard.

“We shouldn’t have had to sit there and just watch that like watch them clean up her blood with the mop, watch her repeatedly yelling that ‘I’m gonna murder you’ and just hitting her with a Stanley,” she said, asking how they were unable to stop the attack when she warned something was going to happen hours earlier.

An adult she went to “said don’t worry it’s not going to happen, we have her under control, but clearly you didn’t,” the young girl added.

The victim was hospitalized with a head injury. According to the Daily Mail, the victim “had to be hospitalized and get staples to close the cuts in her head before undertaking concussion protocol.”


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