WATCH — Police: NYC Amazon Driver Pummels Would-Be Carjacker Who Hit Female Coworker

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Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

An Amazon delivery driver in Queens, New York City, took matters into his own hands when an alleged would-be carjacked targeted his female coworker on Sunday.

Law enforcement said the incident happened when a man, identified as 29-year-old Kevon Wilson, allegedly punched the 23-year-old female Amazon worker while she was in traffic, the New York Post reported on Friday.

The suspect is accused of hitting the young woman several times and pulling her out of her van before taking the driver’s seat. However, the woman grabbed the van’s keys as her male coworker ran over to help.

Video footage shows a man wearing an Amazon vest punching the suspect as the young woman stands by and watches. At one point, she grabs the suspect’s shirt and tosses him onto the pavement. Moments later, the suspect tries to approach her coworker, but she continues yelling at him.

When the suspect entered the van again, the two Amazon workers continued a verbal altercation with him:

The young woman suffered pain in her face, arm, and neck during the incident. Authorities eventually arrested the suspect — who has several prior arrests and an open bench warrant for a traffic violation — for robbery and assault in the Amazon van case.
Wilson’s bond was set at $7,500, and he is scheduled to appear in court on July 16.

In May, an Amazon delivery driver in a Cleveland neighborhood fatally shot an alleged armed carjacker, Breitbart News reported, noting the suspect was 17 years old.

A similar incident happened in Detroit in August when another Amazon delivery driver was carjacked at gunpoint, according to WXYZ.

Images in the news video show three suspects, all wearing black clothing, near the Amazon van.

One neighbor who saw the incident unfold told the outlet, “It’s really sad, honestly. A lot of crime happens in this neighborhood. It’s just unfortunate that none of us are able to capture it on our Ring cameras or anything.”


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