Ohio Man Reunited With Therapy Dog After Carjacking

Andrew Wright was devastated when his car was stolen Friday with his two dogs, Polo and Baby Girl, still inside. Polo, a Havanese purebred, alerts Wright if he is about to suffer a seizure. The vehicle was equipped with OnStar and later

Hit and Run Shooting-Hummer

Police: Woman in Porsche Shoots Would-Be Carjacker

Atlanta police are reporting an alleged hit-and-run driver tried to carjack a white Porsche, only to be shot by a passenger riding in the vehicle. The incident occurred in “the Buckhead area.” CBS 46 reports that the Porsche passenger was

Crime scene. Do not cross.

Carjack Suspect Holds Hostages in Downey Barbecue Restaurant

LOS ANGELES: Several people were being held hostage in a Downey restaurant late on Thursday after an suspected carjacker blocked himself inside the building following a police chase, law enforcement and media reported.


Would-Be Narco Carjacking Victim Runs Over Gunman

An would-be narco carjacking victim targeted by cartel gunmen turned the table on the criminals when he used his car to run over the leader of the group. The attempted carjacking took place at a highway in the border state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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Would-Be Victim Pulls Gun On Carjacker: ‘So You Woke Up Stupid This Morning?’

When Hashim Fannin pulled into an Atlanta, Georgia Family Dollar an alleged carjacker climbed into his passenger seat and said, “You know what this is?” Fannin responded by pulling his gun, ordering the man out of the car and onto the ground, then asking, “So you woke up stupid this morning?”