Police: Woman Banned from Walmart for Eating Half a Cake, Refusing to Pay

Walmart Checker

A Texas police department has banned a woman from Walmart for reportedly eating half of a cake and refusing to pay for the other, uneaten half.

A spokesman for the Wichita Falls, Texas, police department told the Wichita Falls Times-Record that police responded to a call of theft at Walmart on Tuesday evening after 8:00 p.m. because a woman entered a store, ate half of a cake, and did not want to pay for the uneaten half.

Hughes said police banned the woman from the store for the alleged theft.

This is not the first time a Wichita Falls, Texas, Walmart had a customer banned from its premises over the past year.

According to a story that went viral in January, the store banned a woman for allegedly taking a joyride on an electric cart meant for persons with disabilities while she drank wine out of a Pringles potato chip can.

Police eventually discovered the woman at a nearby restaurant, where they broke the news to her that she was banned from going back to the local Walmart.


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