Man Wins $60 Million After Playing Same Lotto Numbers for 30 Years

Lottery winner Bon Truong says he plans to use his money to pay off bills, buy a new home and take a family vacation. (Source: Western Canada Lottery Corp.)
Western Canada Lottery Corp.

A man in Canada recently won $60 million after he played the same lottery numbers for 30 years in a row, reports said.

“I went to the store and asked the clerk to print off the winning numbers – just to be sure,” said 55-year-old Bon Truong of Edmonton, Alberta. “I took the printout home and stared at the numbers and my ticket for hours that day. I could not believe it.”

Truong said he has played the numbers 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20 and 30 for years and also during the time when he moved from Vietnam to Canada.

The numbers represent important dates and family birthdays, according to reports.

Truong claimed his winnings on Wednesday from Alberta’s Lotto Max drawing. “It took 10 months after he discovered the win in late October for him to collect,” ABC 9 reported.

“I started to think about what this win would mean for my family. I realized it’s going to change a lot of things, and I wanted to make sure we were all ready and prepared for those changes,” he commented.

Truong said that along with taking a vacation, he wants to pay off debt with a portion of his winnings.

“The first thing I thought was, ‘I’m going to be able to pay off everything!’ and I was happy just to do that. We’re also going to buy a new home and put away for our future,” he said.

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation said Truong has tied for first as the biggest Lotto Max winner in Alberta’s history. Reports said that in 2017, a couple also won $60 million.
Earlier this month, a veteran in Oregon realized he won $6.5 million before almost throwing away the winning $5 lotto ticket.

Former Air Force pilot William Bowker, 94, told reporters that he had his granddaughter check the ticket one more time before throwing it in the trash when he took a second look and realized he hit the jackpot.

“I am glad I did. I immediately thought — BOOM! I won!” Bowker said.


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