Wife of Furloughed Worker Wins $100,000, SUV in Lottery

Carrie Walls, the wife of a furloughed federal worker, won a large cash prize and new SUV in the Virginia lottery game on the same day her husband missed his first paycheck since the partial government shutdown began. 

Wife of unpaid federal employee wins $100,000 on lottery

Iowa Computer Programmer Gets 25 Years for Lottery Scam

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A judge has sentenced a lottery computer programmer to up to 25 years in prison for rigging a computer program to enable him to pick winning numbers in several lottery games over six years.

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Pizza Delivery Man Wins California Lottery

A 31-year-old pizza delivery man from Hemet, California found his life changed forever when he won over one million dollars in the California lottery.

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As State Budget Sinks, Illinois Democrats Float Bill to Make Obama’s Birthday a State Holiday

Illinois still doesn’t have a budget, the state has practically defaulted on millions in payments to service providers, can’t even pay its lottery winners, but state Democrats have introduced a bill that would make Barack Obama’s birthday a “state holiday” — meaning state workers would have yet another paid holiday added to their generous benefits.

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Man Sues California for Trashing Winning $63 Million Lottery Ticket

On Wednesday, a California man claiming he had submitted a missing, winning ticket to state lottery officials for a $63 million jackpot filed suit, asserting that officials had destroyed the evidence. Brandy Milliner’s suit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior

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Recent Georgia Lottery Winner Murdered in Home Invasion

According to a report by WALB, a forklift operator who won a nearly half-million dollar Georgia lottery jackpot was killed Thursday night during a home invasion robbery. Officials say Craigory Burch Jr., 20, died from gunshot wounds. In November 2015, Burch won


Powerball Winner in California Will Pay NO Taxes

The California winner who will share Wednesday night’s record-smashing Powerball jackpot will be exempt from state taxes on the winnings. At least three winning tickets for the record breaking $1.586 billion Powerball lottery were sold, and the California one has been tied

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