Price of Gas Surges and May Continue as National Average Hits $3.72

A car filling up with gasoline at a gas station showing a close up of the pump in the gas tank from a side view.
Brett_Hondow / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Gas prices have spiked again and may continue as the national average hit $3.72 and President Joe Biden’s stance regarding fossil fuels drives surging oil costs.

WJW reported Thursday:

Nationally, the price of gas has increased by 18 cents in a week. In Ohio, gas prices are up 30 cents from a week ago. The price per barrel of oil briefly hit $116.57 Wednesday, a high that hasn’t been seen since 2008, according to AAA. The increase comes as the oil supply from Russia has been disrupted amid the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Gas prices are expected to continue rising.

Meanwhile, Biden’s “war on fossil fuels” keeps pushing the rising oil prices and has forced Americans to pay the highest costs for gas in approximately nine years, according to Breitbart News.

“The left-wing media is trying to blame inflation and rising gasoline prices on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward neighboring Ukraine and cited the recent spike in Brent crude oil at $99.50,” the outlet reported in February.

In a social media post on Thursday, oil and refined products analyst Patrick De Haan wrote that for the first time, an American city “breached the $5/gal per gallon [sic] average,” naming San Francisco.

Los Angeles County gas prices reached a $5 average for the first time, but were slightly lower in neighboring counties, according to CBS Los Angeles:

Biden has vowed to keep working on cutting the price of gas a few months after “his historic release of oil from the strategic oil reserves,” Breitbart News reported last month.

“But Biden continues to push his anti-energy agenda, blocking key pipelines such as the Keystone XL project and trying to freeze new drilling on federal lands,” the outlet said, adding the president keeps promoting electric vehicles as the answer to the rising costs.

Meanwhile, buyers need to be ready in case gasoline prices spike more, according to Jim Garrity, the director of public affairs, AAA East Central, the WJW article continued.

“At this point, all eyes are on crude oil, which accounts for 50 to 60 cents of each dollar you spend at the pump. But we’re right around the corner from demand increasing and the sale of summer blend gasoline, which are both trends that typically push prices higher in the spring,” he added.


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