I quit politics.

For one thing, I can’t sleep because I absent-mindedly forgot to include three of my favorite Freedom Fighters in my Truth Tellers list, Levin, Malkin and Coulter. I love them. If they ever find out that I forgot to mention them in my last blog, they will forever not know how much I respect/honor them. This is giving me a headache, and making me chew off all of my new fake fingernails. I can’t even enjoy my rented DVD Season Two Compilation of “Mad Men.” Oh, and I love Stossel, Gallagher, Stein and Morris too!

Okay, then I find out Gingrich is pal-ing up with Pelosi about Global Warming! Eww! Defector! Oh man! Strike him off my list. Now! He’s off!

Picking leaders is painful. Voting. If you put their name up on your car, or in your yard or tattoo it to your face, you are suddenly responsible for every move they make and every word they say. Too much pressure.

Thirdly, I cannot bear the hatred of the Left. Their comments. The look on their faces in my rear view mirror when I see them noticing my “Fox News: Truth” bumper sticker, or my “Glenn Beck” bumper sticker, or my “Okay, joke’s over. Bring back the Constitution” bumper sticker. Their snide glances and snaps of disgust. I can’t take it anymore. Hatred hurts.

Fourthly, I start college tomorrow. It’s my last class. Science 101. I need to focus. I started my college degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, in 1976. I had to stop and work, you know, to pay for it. College tuition is expensive. Then, there was the six-year “Saturday Night Live” distraction in NY, and the 15 years of raising a family in Miami distraction. But now, I’m back and ready to finish my degree. I took all the fun classes first and left the “vegetables” for last. So, I just finished Math, and now Science. How timely though, because now I can become an expert on Climate Change and explain to Gore, Pelosi and Obama how ridiculous their hoax is, if I can catch them between their fuel-guzzling, earth killing, private jet trips. I mean, really. (Nancy’s private jet costs taxpayers $60,000 one way for the trip she takes weekly to D.C. where she is working hard to take our freedoms away!)

FACT: More greenhouse gases are emitted from one volcano than all the automobiles ever made of all time. (“Deb and Seby’s Real Deal on Global Warming” by Al Sonja Schmidt.) So, humans are not responsible for the weather. Whatever Communist replaces Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar should read that book and the book, “Heaven and Earth” by Ian Plimer, and see the movie, “Not Evil, Just Wrong.” But the Obama Administration doesn’t care about the FACTS! They are using this Green Scam to continue the economic destruction of America. It’s so obvious! The Stimulus Package did not create jobs, it paid back O’s friends for voting for him. Free Enterprise and Capitalism create jobs. Capitalism would save our economy. But no, Obama can’t do that! He’s a Marxist! Spread the Wealth! Kill production! Obamacare/Socialized Medicine and Cap N Trade/Tax are huge boulders that will crash our economy. The Government controlled Health Care would cripple small businesses that couldn’t compete with the “public option” (hurts my mouth to say it), and the Cap N Trade/Tax would do the same. Jobs would go overseas where they have no energy limitations. Can’t somebody stop this?!


Obama’s plan is so obvious, people don’t see it. It’s under their noses.

Once our economy is dead, we will have to lean on the government for everything and his evil plan will be complete. He’ll probably rename our country Obamica. He’ll make a law that says his presidential term is limitless, like his friends Chavez, Castro, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, etc. He’ll rule with his oligarchy, Jarrett, Reid, Pelosi, Frank and Soros, etc. They’ll all be fat and happy, smoking and playing basketball, and we’ll all be sad, poor, depressed Communists.

I will not let that happen to my free country!!

Can I fight for freedom without being involved in icky politics?

(Side Note: Speaking of humans affecting the climate, there was an “X Files Episode” called “The Rain King” where I got to play a woman whose emotions affected the weather! When I cried, it rained ! My character also had to kiss David Duchovny on the mouth! But, I digress.)

Back to why I am quitting politics;

Fifthly, politics is boring. Super boring.

Sixthly, politics is mean. Everyone’s so mean to each other.

But, politics can’t be ignored even if you try to ignore it. It overlaps every part of our lives. Have you seen the new video of the British Lord who is warning us about the upcoming Climate Change Summit where the world leaders will use the Global Warming scam to get money from the U.S. (middle class taxpayers again) AND use it, the Green Scam as an excuse to create a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?!

[youtube PMe5dOgbu40 nolink]

I have heard this Biblical Prophecy in church since I was 6 years old! (Revelation by the Apostle John dated A.D. 81-96 and Matthew 24, Mark 13 and “When The World Will Be As One” by Tal Brooke copyright 1989). Who knew it would be a Green Scam that would initiate this prophecy’s fulfillment? Green sounds so harmless. Who doesn’t love the Earth?! With all these “end times” signs becoming reality; Famine, War, The Breakup of the Family Unit, Earthquakes, Christians hated/tortured, (the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), comprised of 57 Muslim nations, is vigorously pushing the U.N. to vote yet again on a cleverly worded ”tolerance” resolution, which would criminalize the proclamation of the Gospel!), False Prophets, Gospel Preached around the world, and now One World Government….

…The Question Becomes: If this is the end…what should we do? Get involved politically and fight for our freedom or just sit at home, watch “Mad Men” and wait for Jesus to return?

Gary Shandling said on Joy Behar’s show the other day, (sarcastically) “Isn’t Jesus supposed to be here by now?” I said to the TV, “He’s waiting for you Gary.” (“It is appointed onto man once to die, after this the judgement.” Hebrews 9:27)

I would rather talk about God than politics.

But, I can’t talk about God if I don’t have Freedom of Speech!!

So…I guess… I really can’t quit politics.

And, neither can you! Get Involved!

Patrick Henry would want you to:



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