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Brietbart: The Movie


So the perfect narrative for any movie is “David vs. Goliath.”

The whistleblower vs. the evil corporation. the tough reporter vs the corrupt politician.

the half-naked talk show host vs. a team of rambunctious houseboys.

But for the narrative to be accepted, David must be a lib, and Goliath an evil Republican.

So when these roles are reversed, in real life, it confuses the crap out of the mainstream media.

Andrew Breitbart was accused of trying to destroy a Congressman, of fabricating a scandal, of hacking social networks.

These accusations were pushed by the left, and a carnal Congressman.

So when Breitbart took the stage at Anthony Weiner’s presser, it may have been one of the greatest, “speaking truth to power” moments ever: Breitbart vindicated himself, and Weiner imploded.

As I tweeted earlier, if Breitbart were a leftist, Sean Penn would die to play him. But since he’s not: I guess it’s Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Because this battle doesn’t fit one’s assumptions, just ignore it, or mock it.

And, as Jon Stewart says about Weiner, ‘We sometimes forget these people are human’.

Remember him saying that about Palin, Cheney and Bush?


But we’re missing the big picture: Weiner was a hairless, sculpted cat.

He spent a lot of time, not on his constituents, but on himself.

As Politico points out, Weiner has “no major legislation to his name, and no… fondness for filling… potholes.”

When not waxing his scrotum, he waxed on facebook.

in sum: Weiner was a phallus attached to a politician: driven to pump iron, pluck hair, and pester women.

But, in my mind, if his perversions keep him from his progressive politics, maybe that’s not so bad.

And if you disagree with me, I was hacked.


Paul Mecurio

Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy

Writer Thaddeus Russell


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