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Members of Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors: 'Claim of Being Non-political is Disingenous'


Ed. Note: Video below is a must-watch.


Some members, though, told The Hollywood Reporter, on condition of anonymity, that the claim of being “non-political” is disingenous, considering the Caucus prides itself on evaluating political activities that affect the entertainment industry and it often invites political heavyweights to speak at its gatherings.

They also complain of hypocrisy, given that item five in the Caucus’s “Television Creative Bill of Rights” stipulates “the right of diverse ideas,” which they say seems unlikely if members of the liberal majority are allowed to discriminate against the conservative minority.


The videos in question are portions of interviews that Ben Shapiro conducted with TV-industry elites for his just-released book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV.

THR revealed the first batch of videos a week ago and Shapiro has been slowly rolling out more ever since.

The latest one is from Nicholas Meyer, director of The Day After, one of the most successful TV movies in history.

In the video, Shapiro says to Meyer, “Criticism from the right is usually that right-wingers get discriminated against.” Meyer responds: “Well, I hope so.” …

Meyer, though, is not listed as a member at the Caucus website.

Meanwhile, Shapiro has been pressuring Caucus co-founder Norman Lear to offer his opinion of the controversy. In a column for the conservative website, Shapiro writes: “It’s time for Hollywood’s free speech advocates to be counted. Where is Norman Lear, the founder of the Caucus and the liberal First Amendment organization People For the American Way?”

Read the full piece here.


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