Jackie Mason: Obama One of Three Worst Presidents in History


Long before there was a Jon Stewart on Comedy Central cracking jokes and ridiculing Fox News viewers, there was an old-school comedian named Jackie Mason.

What makes Mason unique is not only his acerbic outspoken style of humor, but also the fact that he is not ashamed to admit he is a conservative inside a mostly liberal Hollywood.

Mason – or the “Ultimate Jew,” as he calls himself – has appeared in “Caddyshack II,” “The Simpsons,” and countless other programs.

[youtube rL3TldUmFSA nolink]

He actually had a road show called “Politically Incorrect” which is one of his most successful road productions.

Since Mason has never been at a loss of words when it comes to politics, I decided to ask him what he thought of President Obama. The response was classic Mason: “President Obama will go down as the first-, second- or third-worst President in American history. He is a hypocrite of the worst kind and a liar and a fraud,” Mason bellowed.

Mason is among a growing number of voices declaring that Hollywood no longer will be a one-ideology town.

Take a listen to the YouTube above where Mason covers everything from Obama to bin Laden to Israel’s right to defend itself in, well, classic Jackie Mason style.

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