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FOX 411: Contrary to False Reports, Kunis Will Attend Marine Corps Ball


Great work from Hollie McKay at Fox 411:

Marine Sgt. Scott Moore’s date with movie star Mila Kunis is on!

Kunis’ rep told that reports Kunis was trying to get out of attending the November Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina with Sgt. Moore “are false.” was the Cupid who helped set up the Marine/Mila date when we asked Kunis this past weekend if she would attend the event with Sgt. Moore.

For the record…

…though obligated to marquee the speculation Kunis might stand a United States Marine up, we here at Big Hollywood never believed that for a second. However, we are in favor of the speculation as the evolving story gives us still more editorial cover to post yet another Kunis photograph. For that reason alone, we hope the story will turn again tomorrow and if it doesn’t we promise to try and make something up.


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