Mila Kunis Impossibly Hotter Today Than Yesterday


Yes, Mila Kunis is a physically stunning woman with real star power, and true big screen charm and charisma (see the otherwise forgettable “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), but today we’re talking about her gorgeous … mind.

Pajamas Media

GQ: Your new movie is called Friends with Benefits. Ever been in one of those relationships?

Mila Kunis: Oy. I haven’t, but I can give you my stance on it: It’s like communism–good in theory, in execution it fails. Friends of mine have done it, and it never ends well. Why do people put themselves through that torture?

And this is Kunis’s SECOND thing she’s done this week to get on conservatives’ good side. Earlier she accepted an invitation to the Marines Ball.

Now she comes out both against promiscuity AND communism in one sentence.

We here at Big Hollywood would like to thank Mila for making this kind of news … which allows us a the editorial cover necessary to post her photograph.


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