Steal These Videos!: $100,000 Power Line Prize Ballots Are In

Via our friends at Power Line:

The Power Line Prize jury met via conference call yesterday afternoon and selected the winners of the Power Line Prize contest. Readers who don’t remember may want to refresh themselves: at the beginning of the summer we offered to give away $100,000 to the Power Line reader who best dramatizes the national debt. Boy did you come through. It wasn’t easy, as we had far more excellent entries than there were prizes to be awarded. Over the next few days, we will publicize the winners, along with a number of other entries that we thought were very good. …

My request to you is: steal these videos! Email them to your friends; post them on Facebook; tweet them; if you have a web site, put them up. The idea of the Power Line Prize contest was to stimulate the creation of a lot of new ways to educate people about the debt crisis, not just a few. So the more people who see these videos, hear the songs, and view the other media, the better.

Here is runner up #10, “Talking Babies”:


Glenn Reynolds has #9, Hugh Hewitt has #8.

Stay tuned to Power Line as they announce the rest of the runner ups and the eventual winner of the $100,000.


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