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Box Office Predictions: 'Footloose' Draws Teens, 'Dolphin' Beats Clooney


As predicted, Real Steel issued a vicious take down of Ides of March last week. This time around, it’s a battle of remakes as George Clooney faces yet another formidable foe in A Dolphin Tale.

This weekend’s predictions and projected revenue results go as follows:

1. Footloose ($20 million) – The film has all the right pieces in play: solid critical reviews, high theater count, and the Step Up audience eager for something new. It will open well if it doesn’t disappoint weekend audiences, remains upbeat, and doesn’t feature any mocking of a particular demographic or group. To put it another way, no “sucker punches.”

[youtube cFVqCtQUtNc nolink]

2. Real Steel ($15 million) – Faced with stronger competition this time around, Steel will see a large chunk of its target audience flock to other releases this weekend. Footloose especially will draw the stronger, younger teenage base, which will be tough to knock out this round.

[youtube ei5l3r1dV4I nolink]

3. The Thing ($7.6 million) – The other remake this weekend is looking more like another Whiteout than a solid venture off its original’s roots. Whiteout opened to very low numbers ($4.9 million) even with a star like Kate Beckinsale headlining. This film also is comprised of untested new names, which doesn’t bode will for a project where audience interest remains dangerously low.

[youtube UKjErC2JLQc nolink]

4. The Big Year ($6.5 million) – Has anyone even seen a trailer for this film? Marketing has been quite nonexistent, which is unfortunate. Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black have had successful box office hits in the past but this one really doesn’t have any buzz going for it. For this reason it will open in range with the recent What’s Your Number.

[youtube JCBAP2wId5M nolink]

5. Dolphin Tale (6 million)The Ides of March’s lackluster performance last weekend nearly allowed Dolphin to outgross it (last Sunday alone had Ides only winning by a mere 9,000 dollars). Look for that same competition again, only this time Dolphin will finish the job and claim the #5 spot.

[youtube Jdpg9NsgEaI nolink]

As always, we look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts. Enjoy the weekend.


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