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Fund on Sarandon and the Arts Crowd: Stop Giving 'Nazi' Talk a Pass


John Fund doesn’t begrudge celebrities their limos and luxurious lifestyles. But Fund is fed up with their penchant for playing the “Nazi” card at a moment’s notice – and the creative community’s willingness to accept such nonsense.

Fund’s latest column castigates Susan Sarandon for twice calling Pope Benedict a “Nazi” on the same night.

Susan Sarandon

Crowds at both venues were unfazed by the remark and lavished praise on the Oscar-winning actress for her work and her recent show of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protestors. That would the quick drop-by she arranged a couple weeks ago while she was on her way in a limo to catch a plane to Italy (presumably not to pay respects to the Vatican). She told reporters that she was “her to educate myself” because “greed is widespread all over the world.”

Perhaps almost as widespread as the annoying habit that celebrities have of saying stupid things.

Fund also holds Hank Williams Jr. accountable for comparing President Barack Obama to “Hitler.” But while Williams Jr. was quickly removed from his sweet perch on ‘Monday Night Football,’ Sarandon has yet to receive any brickbats from her celebrity peers.

Celebrities will always say silly, stupid things. But isn’t it time we stop putting up with it, he asks?

I guess it’s too much to ask for the general public to boycott celebrities who act stupidly – references to Hitler or Nazis being among the more egregious acts – because there simply would be too many examples for anyone to keep track of. But that shouldn’t deter people in the creative arts from raising a stink about it in an attempt to create some kind of deterrent.


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