Thanks, Mark! Ruffalo Explains Occupy Wall Street


Even the Mainstream Media, a collective willing to forgive any and all flaws within the Occupy Wall Street movement, concedes the group’s message is a mess.

Enter Mark Ruffalo. The Oscar-nominated actor took time out of his schedule to give his thoughts on the nascent movement and why it exists in the first place.

“There’s a hopelessness that’s descended upon people,” he says. “And that hopelessness crushes dignity.”

“There’s an elite few calling the shots for the rest of us … whoever that is, however that manifests itself, we’re still in the conversation about. But we have to come together and acknowledge where we’re at and what we’re grieving about, before [incoherent].”

Wait, you mean Ruffalo doesn’t know who we should be mad at yet? To be fair, he could be doing a little method acting. He’s cast as The Hulk in the upcoming ‘Avengers’ film, and he looks a little … angry … in this extended clip.

Hulk better at smashing than talking politics.


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