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Video: Alec Baldwin Sweeps Park, Chats with Bodyguard, Defends Capitalism at Occupy Wall Street



Daily News:

TV star and wanna-be pol Alec Baldwin took some heat Wednesday for joining the anti-Wall Street protesters even though he is a television face of Capital One Bank.

Baldwin visited the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park late Wednesday night, spending about two hours chatting with the protesters.

According to online videos, he spent much of it being hounded by Ron Paul fans who were annoyed he wouldn’t agree the Federal Reserve should be “ended.” They were also peeved he refused to endorse the Republican Texas congressman.

“I want your lips to support Ron Paul,” Baldwin was told by a persistent young man who professed a complex theory about bankers assassinating John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

Baldwin ended up defending the banking system to the crowd.

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