Box Office Predictions: 'Paranormal' Creeps Out the 'Musketeers'


Overall box office last weekend dropped an astounding 33 percent compared to last year. To help lighten things up, Master Iron Fist has put together a list of his favorite funny “alternate version” film videos. It appears even Hollywood needs a laugh these days. The box office will get a much-needed boost this weekend as ‘Paranormal Activity’ brings back old-school scares.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue projections go as follows:

1. Paranormal Activity 3 ($47 million) The film’s release perfectly caters to Halloween audiences. Also remember that unlikely blockbuster franchises (‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ‘Shrek’) always blow away pre-set expectations when audience interest is high. ‘Paranormal’ is a rare entry that actually scares audiences, and they’ll reward the film for it.

[youtube 90r3CnPI0AM nolink]

2. The Three Musketeers ($13 million) Audience disenchantment with this film will set in very quickly, but it still will likely pull in crowds at the start of the weekend. That puts the opening number somewhere mid range (mainly around where ‘Priest’ opened last summer with similar foreign influence). After Saturday, though, expect this one to really start to nosedive.

[youtube mQd3MwT2fAM nolink]

3. Real Steel ($9.2 million) The boxing robot picture will tangle with ‘Footloose’ again. ‘Steel’ holds the advantage, as it will draw in family audiences, while most of ‘Footloose‘s’ target audience will be enjoying ‘Paranormal Activity’ instead.

[youtube T75j9CoBVzE nolink]

4. Footloose ($8 million) – The film’s opening did disappoint last weekend. This sizable drop isn’t going to help things, either. Touching on what Christian Toto noted in his excellent article this week, remakes in general may very well be on their way to being “old hat.” Audiences are craving something new without constant repetition of things they really never had much interest in to start with.

[youtube gtjI6OHVk00 nolink]

5. Johnny English Reborn ($6 million) – Much like ‘Nanny McPhee Returns,’ this one isn’t really drawing high anticipation. The marketplace has plenty of room for these type of comedies, but this one looks more like an unneeded sequel as opposed to a tantalizing new direction for the genre . Don’t expect ‘Red’-like results here.

[youtube qXQSfSu1Y0s nolink]

Agree on this week’s calls? Or do you feel we’ve missed something?


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