'Iron Lady' Screenwriter Swears Film Isn't a 'Left Wing Fantasy'

Conservatives have been mighty suspicious of the upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic ‘The Iron Lady.’

The film stars liberal actress Meryl Streep as the iconic British Prime Minister, and it’s coming from an industry which regularly wears its disdain for the right on its cinematic sleeve. Big Hollywood’s peek at the film’s script did nothing to quell fears the film would diminish Thatcher’s accomplishments. And associates of the now-ailing ex-leader who have seen the film have called it “insulting.”

Now, ‘The Iron Lady’ screenwriter Abi Morgan is speaking out about the film to IndieWire – sight unseen.

She hasn’t seen “The Iron Lady”… But she’s certain it’s not a “left wing fantasy”: “I haven’t seen it. And I really won’t know what that film is until I see it. I’ve seen edits and I’ve seen an amazing performance by Meryl but I haven’t seen the whole thing. But I wanted was to write about power… a loss of power. Whether I’m left or right, I just wanted to write about that. It’s been called a ‘left-wing fantasy.’ But as I said then, if I was going to have any fantasy – whether it be left or right-wing, it would not involve Margaret Thatcher.”

Movie goers can decide for themselves when ‘The Iron Lady’ hits theaters Dec. 16.


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