Michael Moore Desperately, Flailingly, Shamelessly Denies He Is the '1 Percent'


From CNN:

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Michael Moore was asked a question from a Twitter user who pointed out the seeming incongruity of the filmmaker’s personal wealth and his criticism of capitalism. Morgan seemed intrigued by the line of questioning and pressed Moore on the issue. After saying “that’s not true” to the assertion that he’s worth millions, Mr. Moore had this to say:

Well, then, if you believe that about me, then that’s really something, isn’t it? That, even though I do well, that I don’t associate myself with those who do well. I am devoting my life to those who who have less and who’ve been crapped upon by the system. And that’s how I spent my time, my energy, my money on trying to upend this system that I think is a system of violence; it’s a system that’s unfair to the average working person of this country, and it was a mistake to ever give me a dime, from the day Time Warner, actually, gave me money to buy Roger & Me… I hope they rue the day that they ever allowed me up on the movie screens.

Mr. Moore has, in the past, charged up to $40,000 for speaking engagements.

Mr. Moore owns a $1.9 million dollar home in New York and a $1.2 million one in Michigan.

Mr. Moore has sued both the magazine Mother Jones and the Weinstein brothers, seeking $2 million and $2.7 million, respectively. The latter was for further compensation than his director’s fees for the 2004 blockbuster documentary ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’. The film’s production budget was $6 million.

Mr. Moore protests a smidgen too much.

Watch more of the interview here.


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