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Heidi Klum – Supermodel, Reality Show Star … Political Pundit?


Supermodels have the world on a string, but few people rush to their side for commentary on the modern political scene.

Heidi Klum’s recent chat with CNN’s own Piers Morgan helps explain why.

Heidi Klum

Klum, the lovely co-host of ‘Project Runway’ and one of the world’s most popular models, shared a key reason she became a U.S. citizen before the 2008 presidential elections. She wanted to sign up for the Hope and Change Express. Too bad she’s not very eloquent in expressing exactly why:

I’ve been here since ’94. I’ve been paying quite a few taxes in this city — in this country. And I felt that it would be right for me to, you know, vote for the next President. And I really, I don’t know, I liked him and I wanted him to win over the other person.

Klum is equally… vague regarding the first two-plus years of the guy she liked better than “the other person.”

Klum acknowledged that it hasn’t been easy [for Obama]: “I mean you can’t lay it all on one person to make things happen…,” she said. Klum also told Morgan: “…it’s always very tough to talk about politics, don’t you think? I mean, there’s so many things, if you get me started, I don’t stop. And how long is this show?”

Did Morgan really get her started on politics? It’s hard to tell.


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