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Huffington Post Headline Puts 'Communist' in Fox News' Mouth


Who wouldn’t want to read a story about how Fox News called those lovable Muppets communists?

Except the piece currently up at The Huffington Post is a lie. No one at Fox News called the Muppets communists – at least according to material quoted in the HuffPo story or via the link provided by the noxious Media Matters. Last time we checked, our dear friends on the left insist “liberal” does not equal “communist.” Did we miss a memo?

[youtube VpB4koxODlU nolink]

Yes, Fox News aired a segment in which the host and a guest called out “The Muppets,” the new film starring those felt and fur characters, for using an evil oil man as its go-to villain. Chris Cooper plays Tex Richman, an oil baron who wants to raze the old Muppet Theater to dig for oil.

In Hollywood, daring to cast a Muslim character can be considered a hate crime, but repeatedly casting businessmen, Christians and Southerners as villains is enlightened.

“The Muppets'” choice of villains is fair fodder for debate, especially since it’s hardly the first children’s film which eagerly inserted liberal messages into its story. Try watching “Monsters vs. Aliens” or either “Happy Feet” film for exhibits A, B, and C.

By dropping the ideological “C” word – communism – HuffPo only muddies the argument with an untruth.


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