'Courage New Hampshire' Captures the Country's Rugged Spirit

'Courage New Hampshire' Captures the Country's Rugged Spirit

There are those among us conservatives who complain about how the bounds of decency appear to be pushed ever further each year. And there are some in Hollywood who are heeding the complaints and working to provide a home for clean entertainment – such as Gary Sinise with “CSI New York,” Tom Selleck in “Blue Bloods” and Patricia Heaton in “The Middle.”

But there are plenty of unsung heroes out in Hollywood, too, who are striving to bring quality entertainment with solid values back to the masses, and Jonathan Wilson and Jim Riley are two such men. Their ambitious new series of hour-long direct-to-DVD episodes, “Courage, New Hampshire,” realistically depicts the travails that would have afflicted the lives of early American settlers, from harsh winters to the harsher dangers of the ever-present British redcoats.

With episodes planned to represent each season over the six-year period between 1770 and the nation’s birth in 1776, nearly two dozen hours of well-written, sharp-looking entertainment await viewers eager to have a glimpse at some rare and accurate historic fiction. In the best tradition of classics like “Little House on the Prairie” and “The Waltons,” “Courage, New Hampshire” is highly recommended.

Two episodes are already for sale at both Amazon and Colonybay.net, and a third episode is currently under production.

I visited the set of “Courage” at a real-life homestead known as Riley’s Farm about an hour outside of San Diego for a series of interviews with the show’s stars.


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