Carolla Decries Misogynist 'Witch Hunt'

Carolla Decries Misogynist 'Witch Hunt'

Adam Carolla isn’t interested in making any public apologies for saying men are, in general, funnier than women during an interview with The New York Post.

Both male and female comedians quickly took to Twitter to refute Carolla’s charge, some dubbing him a misogynist in the process. But Carolla told The Daily Caller the notion that he’s a misogynist is “fucking insane.”

“I’ve never lifted a hand to a women, I’ve never done anything negative to a women, I’ve always been monogamous,” Carolla told TheDC. “I have a daughter who I love very much, I hire women, I’ve worked with women, I’ve never had an issue with women.”

“I’m a misogynist?” he continued. “Go ask my female producer from my morning show who I worked with for three years or my female producer for ‘Loveline’ for 10 years if I’m a misogynist. Go ask my female boss essentially, what I’ve ever done to them. And the answer is nothing.”

Carolla decried what he called the “witch-hunt mentality” that the Internet facilitates.”This whole sort of witch-hunt mentality, this Internet witch hunt thing, I thought the Internet was going to be about buying car parts and looking at porn,” he said.


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