Kevin Spacey Refers to Romney as a 'Murderous Politician'

Kevin Spacey Refers to Romney as a 'Murderous Politician'

The Hollywood Left has something in common with the mainstream media. Both clearly fear President Barack Obama will lose come November, and they’re willing to do or say just about anything to prevent it.

For the press, that means shoving aside their professionalism in order to lie about Mitt Romney’s records and statements, give a pass to Obama surrogates who make outrageous claims and spinning Obama administration gaffes by the bucket full.

Liberal celebrities, in turn, are ignoring their standard pleas for tolerance by calling Romney a racist, as Cher did recently via Twitter, or much worse.

Cue Kevin Spacey, the two-time Oscar winner currently shooting a new political series to debut on Netflix. Spacey chatted with NBC’s Matt Lauer earlier today and slandered Romney in a way that might even shock Cher:

LAUER: You’ve been on a lot of planes lately, going back and forth to Baltimore. You’re shooting a series there called  House of Cards, kind of a political drama. And I just want to read how you described your character recently: “A wily murderous politician worming his way to the White House.”

SPACEY: Yeah. Yeah.

LAUER: Another great thing to sink your teeth into.

SPACEY [LAUGHING]: Kind of like this year, isn’t it?

LAUER: No, no, no. Get yourself in trouble, not me. When are we going to see this? I know it’s going to be streamed on Netflix?

By the way, don’t you love how Lauer chuckles over an actor calling Romney a murderer? Think he would find it funny if, say, Jon Voight said the same about President Obama?

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