China Censors James Bond Flick 'Skyfall'

China Censors James Bond Flick 'Skyfall'

The Chinese government apparently wasn’t happy with the latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall.” Reports say Chinese censors edited many scenes and changed subtitles for others ahead of its debut this week.

One edit was made to a scene where a Chinese security guard is murdered in a Shanghai skyscraper by one of the film’s villains.

In another scene, Daniel Craig’s James Bond asks a woman if a tattoo she sports was given to her by Chinese mobsters as a result of having been forced into prostitution as a child. Craig still says this line in English, but the Chinese subtitles change the context to read as Bond merely asking the woman if she was connected to organized crime. The subtitles eliminate any thought that Chinese mobsters might force a woman into sex slavery.

All references to the film’s villain being tortured by Chinese authorities were also removed.

The practice is not uncommon. Chinese authorities edit many of the foreign movies shown in the country.


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