Cord-Cutting Study Packs Risk for Cable Industry

Cord-Cutting Study Packs Risk for Cable Industry

Cable companies are likely breathing a sigh of relief from a series of studies that say many consumers threaten to leave their pay cable companies but never do. reports Morgan Stanley’s 3rd Annual Streaming Video Survey shows roughly 17 percent of pay TV customers said that they’re willing to “cut the cord” on cable sometime over the next 12 months. The same study shows 8 percent declaring they will definitely do so during that span.

Yet the same study conducted last year found similar ominous numbers for the cable industry, all the while subscriber numbers have remained mostly flat.

Bullet dodged, right? Not quite.

The survey indicates steady hostility to the cable industry and its pricing structure–why else would consumers even consider cutting the cord? And, as more streaming options hit the market (like the newest Roku model) consumers may make good on their promise.

This year we’ll see a stronger Amazon Prime product as well as new streaming participant Redbox. Plus, Netflix is just beginning its original programming lineup with shows like House of Cards, Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove coming this year alone.


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