'Machete' Sequel Makes Minuteman-Style Border Enforcers into Racist Killers

'Machete' Sequel Makes Minuteman-Style Border Enforcers into Racist Killers

The Machete franchise is a loving ode to the Grindhouse movies of yore, brimming with blood, gunplay and the hulking presence of action star Danny Trejo.

It’s also an unabashedly pro-amnesty movie franchise.

Machete Kills, the second film in what promises/threatens to be a trilogy, tones down the political rhetoric from the first film. Some characters bridge the obvious political chasms, like a pro-gun president (Charlie Sheen, billed as Carlos Estevez) who also supports legalizing marijuana.

The film doesn’t offer any nuance when depicting a group of border enforcement volunteers. The group, clearly modeled after the Minuteman project, don American flags and look like extras from a Duck Dynasty special.

They’re also eager to kill anyone they fear is both Hispanic and crossing the border illegally. One poor soul fits both categories in their eyes, so the group’s members proceed to fill him with lead.

It’s hard to take much of Machete Kills seriously, but there’s an obvious political message being sent in the scene.


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