Kanye West: Obama No Longer Cool

Kanye West: Obama No Longer Cool

Rapper Kanye West is doubling down on his criticism of President Barack Obama.

The music star previously blasted the president for “using” him as a pop culture punching bag. Now, West is charging Obama’s cool credentials have all but expired and he needs to name check celebrities to pretend that isn’t the case.

The reason why Obama mention our name is cause we’re most relevant,” West said. “…He’s just saying that trying to be cool. Obama was supposed to the coolest person on the planet now he gotta say our names to be cool. It’s like a feature, we feature in his interviews right now. They need a feature from us to get relevant.

It’s tempting to take West’s gripes lightly. He’s no pundit, and his racial admonition of President George W. Bush after Hurricane Katrina was mean-spirited and lacking proof. It’s still intriguing to see a celebrity of his stature taunt the Celebrity in Chief, a leader hailed for his grasp of culture and ability to inspire awe within hip circles.


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