A-List Stars Resume Propaganda Push to Save Obamacare

A-List Stars Resume Propaganda Push to Save Obamacare

Hollywood heavy hitters like Lady Gaga and Amy Poehler couldn’t wait to promote the official ObamaCare web site, part of the president’s signature legislative achievement.

Then, without warning from a supine press, Healthcare.gov launched Oct. 1, 2013 to extreme mockery–the web portal simply didn’t work. Celebrities decided to take a knee after that debacle while others were advised to avoid getting associated with the failed launch. Now, several stars are willing to go to battle once more on the president’s behalf.

The “Tell a Friend — Get Covered” campaign is teaming up with Funny or Die and YouTube to produce a live, six-hour variety show on Thursday, with skits and educational segments meant to inform viewers of their affordable health care options.

The campaign has already confirmed Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks for appearances during the event …

Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die already chipped in this week with a humor video starring Aisha Tyler of Archer fame. It’s all part of a desperate plea to those “young invincibles,” the able-bodied Americans required to make ObamaCare financially stable. Up until now, they’ve avoided signing up for ObamaCare in big enough numbers, and without them terms like “death spiral” start entering the news cycle.