Box Office Predictions: 'Robocop' Joins 'Monuments Men' as 2014's Latest Flop

Box Office Predictions: 'Robocop' Joins 'Monuments Men' as 2014's Latest Flop

Last week, Sensei was right about Monuments Men opening low and watched The Lego Movie easily top the frame. This weekend is filled with new releases to take advantage of both Valentine’s Day and the President’s Day holiday.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

Please Note: All predictions are 4-Day (Fri-Mon).

1. The Lego Movie ($36 million) – This one dodged a colossal bullet last weekend. Reports came out that the villain in the story was a Mitt Romney look alike, but audiences said that wasn’t the case. It would have been catastrophic to this film’s box office in its second week. Instead, film should do well over the holiday period.

2. About Last Night ($31 million)– This and Endless Love are hoping for the Valentine’s Day date crowds, Sensei gives this remake the edge since it appeals to more demographics than Endless Love. Still, with Robocop and About Last Night already being remade. Anyone else feeling old?

3. RoboCop ($19 million)– This remake had low buzz for awhile, and its marketing seemed committed to putting the next I, Robot infomercial on screen rather than the fun of the original. Add in the Samuel L. Jackson character (which is meant to mock Fox News types) and you have yet another significant flop this month (the first being Monuments Men). Will Hollywood ever learn?

4. Winter’s Tale ($16 million) – In a monster upset, this fantasy tale could beat RoboCop. All of that will depend of word of mouth. Any drop in RoboCop’s numbers will be this one’s gain.

5. The Monuments Men ($14 million)– Yes, the film is a flop. With the high budget ($70 million) and star power this one (supposedly) had, struggling to a $20+ million opening isn’t impressive. Things won’t improve this weekend as massive competition crowds it out.

In other calls:

Look for Endless Love to make around $13 million, while Lone Survivor will break the 120 million domestic mark.

Those are Sensei’s calls. Have a great holiday weekend.


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