Hollywood Playbook: Friday's Top 5 News Items

Hollywood Playbook: Friday's Top 5 News Items

‘Enlisted’ Star Keith David Salutes Military with Fox Comedy

Big Hollywood’s Christian Toto interviews The Mighty Keith David, someone I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know during my time in Hollywood. Great guy. Even greater talent. Supporter of our troops. Starring in the new military sitcom “Enlisted,” which airs at 9.pm. on FOX.


The Most Unimaginative and Unoriginal Movie List In History

BuzzFeed’s Kate Arthur ranked all 85 Oscar films and did so using every tired left-wing cliché and politically correct thought we have been hearing for decades from The People Who Matter.

Dances with Wolves sucks because it beat Goodfellas: Check.

The first Best Picture-winners are stodgy: Check.

OMG racial insensitivity: Check.

Driving Miss Daisy is terrible and racially insensitive and so 80’s: Check.

Where’s Kubrick? Where’s Kubrick? Where’s Kubrick?: Check.

A Beautiful Mind left out the gay stuff: Check.

Anti-Forrest Gump: Check.

Gay subtext in Ben-Hur: Check.

OMG Mel Gibson’s a racist: Check.

Elia Kazan was an anti-Commie rat: Check.

And on and on and on and on…. If you are just going to parrot the same shit almost every film critic has been parroting for a decade, why bother? This list didn’t come from someone who loves movies or even someone interested in posing as an intelligent critic. It’s a cowardly calling card that screams, “I’m one of you!”

Even if you believe all this stuff, why not try to come up with something original to say — a unique insight instead of trying to reassure The People Who Matter that you are A Person Who Matters.

I’m not even complaining about her choices. That is all subjective. I don’t even disagree with everything. It’s the tired, phony, poser Groupthink that’s making my eyes glaze over. You go through all the work and trouble of assembling a list like this just to parrot, parrot, parrot…? Go away.

Here is the Daily Beast pretty much doing the same thing.

Movie criticism is turning into nothing more than repeating talking points.

Sometime around 1981 the critical avante-garde dug a trench, jumped in, and closed their small, smug minds.

Please make it stop.

No one talks about the filmmaking — the theme, performances… It’s all politics and “I was bored,” ironic snark, and me-me-me.


Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger

After the wildly overrated “Departed,” I promise you there is still a great film to be made about Whitey Bulger, the Boston mob boss recently sent to prison at the age of 83; but only after living a life of murder and out-foxing the Feds that puts Hannibal Lecter to shame.

As he proved in Donnie Brasco, Depp is ready to handle this kind of role. He also looks young enough but is old enough (50) to cover the decades of Bulger’s career – if the script chooses to go for that kind of scope.


‘James Bond 24′ to Begin Filming This October

I thought “Casino Royale” was overrated (awesome first half) and absolutely hated “Quantum of Solace” (Daniel Craig agrees and blames the writers’ strike.). “Skyfall,” however, was the best of the three and what I especially enjoyed is that the story seemed to finally exorcize Craig’s Bond of his personal demons, which hopefully means we can get back to basics with “James Bond 24.”


Oscar Academy: Whiter Than Snow

Someone did a chart and discovered that Hollywood is really, really white.

Yes, and Hollywood is thin, too. And good looking. And rich. And liberal. And mostly found within the same five square miles of the Hollywood sign.

Even in 2014 America, Hollywood is legally allowed to discriminate based on race, gender, weight, age, your political beliefs, and how good looking you are or not.

Hollywood is the KKK’s dream of wealth, personal exclusion, media-worship, and worldwide acceptance come to life. Oh, they talk a good game  about diversity and acceptance, especially through their product, but they live and work like botoxed Grand Kleagles.


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