Jon Stewart Wrong on NRA's Political Record

Jon Stewart Wrong on NRA's Political Record

When Jon Stewart criticized the NRA for what he described as substituting “lock and load motherf**ckers!” for winning at the ballot box, he failed to take one thing into account — the NRA won some massive victories at the ballot in the last year alone.

Notable among these were the September 10th Colorado recalls, in which two Democrat state senators who heaved gun control upon Coloradans were successfully — and democratically — ousted from office. 

All the way up to the actual recall vote, supporters of Senators John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) dismissed any talk that either senator would actually be removed from office. After all, Morse was Senate President and Giron was from a Democrat district, and both enjoyed financial support from Michael Bloomberg and others. 

In fact, the odds of them losing were so great that Giron said Michael Bloomberg’s gun control goals would be crushed nationally by the removal of either senator. 

Bloomberg, Morse, and Giron lost; Coloradans and the NRA won.

In the November 5th Virginia elections, NRA-backed delegates defeated Bloomberg-backed delegates by a margin of 65 to 2 at the ballot box.

In late November, Colorado state senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) resigned from office after it became clear she was going to be removed from office in a recall effort begun after the successful ouster of Morse and Giron. 

Hudak’s resignation was a result of a grassroots recall effort with strong NRA support. 

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