Hollywood Playbook: Tuesday's Top 5 News Items

Hollywood Playbook: Tuesday's Top 5 News Items

New ‘SNL’ Addition Leslie Jones is Hilarious; Now Left Wants Her Silenced

Leslie Jones was hired only after there was an uproar over SNL’s all-white cast. In her debut, though, Jones proves she’s no affirmative action hire.

This is excellent:

Even better is the fact that Jones pissed off all the right people:

Ebony.com editor Jamilah Lemieux tweeted her disgust: “This Leslie Jones person is an embarrassment … I’m so appalled right now.”

As additional negative reactions began to pour out, Jones defended her sketch.

“If anybody should be offended it’s white folks cause it’s what they did,” she tweeted.

“Y’all so busy trying to be self righteous you miss what the joke really is. Very sad I have to defend myself to black people,” she wrote.

Lemieux wasn’t pacified and continued the attack.

“So the Lupita moment had to be counteracted by a Black woman acting like a big loud monkey? Just … wow.”

She later took to Ebony.com to further berate Jones in an essay, saying she minimalized the brutality experienced by black women during slave days.

This is why comedy has devolved into only d*ck and body fluid jokes.

Everything smart, truly edgy, challenging, and wonderfully controversial is attacked and toxified by our Politically Correct Overlords.

They went after Sam Kinison, Eddie Murphy, Andrew Dice Clay… And now Leslie Jones dares to push the envelope and these the Fascist Bastards want to keep her down.

More semen jokes, please!

Democrats have a 400 year history of keeping black people in line.

Nothing has changed.



Hollywood’s Righteous Cause for Gay Rights and Against Sharia Law

Back in the day, I was fond of writing (truthfully) that Hollywood had no problem embracing racist/sexist/homophobic theocracies if they were based on militant Islam. Well, the Hollywood community is finally taking a righteous stand for a righteous cause against Sharia Law.

Yesterday, at Big California, I noted that after 20 years the ‘Night Before’ Oscar party pulled out of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Hollywood Reporter has now pulled its annual Women In Entertainment event. Yesterday, Jay Leno also added some starpower to the protests against the iconic hotel.

The issue is ownership and gay and human rights. The Beverly Hills Hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, a small Islamic country that just enacted Sharia Laws that make it legal to stone homosexuals to death for engaging in same-sex relationships. Sharia Law also means stoning for adulterers and the subjugation of women.

The hotel is reeling from the protests, which are only gaining momentum.

My guess is that this creep of a Sultan is going to have no choice but to sell.


Latest Bryan Singer Accuser Has Physical Evidence of Relationship

THR reports that during his Monday press conference, Jeff Herman, the Florida attorney representing both men accusing “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and others of sexually abusing them as minors, displayed what he claimed was physical evidence proving there was at least some kind of a relationship between the two defendants and this latest accuser, who is remaining anonymous:

Other pictures displayed at the press conference showed the subject alone, in one case shirtless with khaki shorts and in another wearing just a towel, but in both cases with his face not visible. The latter photo appears in the body of an email that purports to be from [Defendant Gary] Goddard, with the subject line “the closest thing I have to a ‘naughty’ shot of you.” The text of the email reads: “Haha — it’s not all that naughty because you wouldn’t let me take any of you showing even a bit of your bum.”

A final photo shows a card dated Sept. 5, 2004, that says: “Here’s your Hershey’s surprise box!” It describes the candy that was apparently enclosed with the card and how the sender carried it “by hand from Hershey to NYC to London.” According to the lawyer, Jeff Herman, the card is signed “Love Gary,” although in viewing the image this is not completely clear. …

Singer had sex with the plaintiff at a Superman afterparty in a London hotel room when the plaintiff was 17, according to the suit. (This is presumably a reference to Singer’s Superman Returns, which had its U.K. premiere July 13, 2006.) The boy resisted, the suit continues, but Goddard brought in a “large, muscle-bound man,” who smacked the teenager around, holding him while Singer grabbed him and Goddard, naked on the bed, watched. Singer then allegedly attempted to rape the plaintiff. The complaint, although a civil matter, states or suggests that Singer and Goddard violated federal and state criminal law.

The plaintiff also claims that just two days ago Goddard attempted to contact him through the Internet. He refused to respond.

The scandal doesn’t appear to be hurting Singer’s latest film, X-Men Days of Future Past, which is tracking to open at $125 million over Memorial Day weekend.

Variety reports that Herman promised “that more suits are coming and said specifically that one would involve another “sex ring” operating in Hollywood.”

Through their attorneys, Singer and Goddard have vehemently denied all the accusations and said they will take this to trial.


Ronald Reagan Biopic Headed to Cannes

Reagan” is a feature length, $25 million narrative film that has already inked a distribution deal in the U.S. that includes a wide release on 3000 screens and $35 million in advertising. One of the producers is Mark Joseph, whose previous credits include “Doonby” (2013), a pro-life themed drama.

THR offers more background:

Reagan will be made from a recently completed script by Howard Klausner, who co-wrote the Clint Eastwood film Space Cowboys, and the story is told from the perspective of a KGB agent whose job was to keep tabs on the future U.S. president for decades, beginning with his time as a leader in the Screen Actors Guild.

The script is based on two bestselling books by author Paul Kengor – God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life and The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism.

Paul Bond has the full story here.


Matt Damon Is ‘Open’ to Return as Jason Bourne

Considering the state of his career, it is no surprise Damon is open to going back to the Bourne well one more time. Why not? He’s already jumped into another Project Greenlight.

How far are we away from this:


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