Jon Stewart Protects Obama from Taliban Swap Fallout

Jon Stewart Protects Obama from Taliban Swap Fallout

Anyone who thought liberal comic Jon Stewart would play down the disastrous fallout from the government’s swap of five Taliban leaders for a U.S. soldier was sorely mistaken.

Stewart detailed every unsettling twist and turn of the story on Tuesday night’s The Daily Show.

The comedian did manage to leave out one small item. Blame. Could it be because the Obama White House orchestrated the swap, one so poorly received Hillary Clinton threw her fellow Democrat under the bus rather than agree with the decision?

Why, that might make Stewart simply another Palace Guard comic.

Stewart dialed up the funny in recalling how the release of Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders unfolded. It began like a warm and fuzzy story and quickly morphed into a nightmare.

Bergdahl may be a deserter, not a heroic soldier deserving his freedom.

Stewart packs plenty of ugly details into the mix, and even mocks Obama for his poorly thought out press conference featuring Bergdahl’s parents.

So did Stewart channel his exasperation at the person behind the swap? Let loose with his signature series of bleeped curse words?


“It’s a war,” he told his audience. And by gosh war is complicated.

Now, compare that to Mad Magazine’s comic gem on the subject. Clearly, the “Usual Gang of Idiots” knew where to place the blame. Why not the alleged king of political humor?