Dinesh D'Souza on Michael Moore: 'Anti-Capitalism Is a Good Racket'

Dinesh D'Souza on Michael Moore: 'Anti-Capitalism Is a Good Racket'

While Dinesh D’Souza’s America is sure to make waves with its stirring defense of the country against philosophical attacks, one aspect of it is surprising: the screen time he gives to leftist leaders including Noam Chomsky and Ward Churchill in fresh interviews, and Howard Zinn and Saul Alinsky via archival footage.

In my Radio Titans interview with D’Souza, the conservative pundit noted that his willingness to give a full airing to his opponents makes a strong contrast to liberal filmmakers like Michael Moore.

“Michael Moore is unfortunately going through a divorce and so his financials, and it shows he’s fighting over nine homes and he’s got tens of millions of dollars,” says D’Souza. “In other words, anti-capitalism is a good racket. These people make money by denouncing capitalism within the capitalist system. And Michael Moore is not alone. You’ve got Obama railing about CEOs flying around in corporate jets. Well, Obama has the biggest corporate jet of all. And the difference is, the CEOs pay for their own jets, and we the taxpayers are paying for [his].”

To hear this and other observations from D’Souza, including his experiences tracking down liberals, what he feels America needs to do to get back on the right track and the state of his own case as he awaits sentencing for a conviction on improper campaign financing, listen to the entire podcast.